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Modern Townhouses

Living Modern Rentals

Living Modern Rentals offers families fun Airbnb rentals and affordable long term apartments with modern features. 

Long Term Rentals


Single Family Home

4 Bed 2 Bath

Babylon Village, NY

100+% cash out with refinance in 2019 $100,000 + equity

Brick house.jpg

Apartment Units

4 Units 6 Garages

Norwich, CT

Low income with government subsidized rents. Property management in the process of turning over units, improving management systems and rent collection. Purchased below market $100,000+ equity. Investors will be cashed out in 2023 with completed refinance.  

4 unit CT.jpg

Single Family Home

3 Bed 2 Bath

Babylon Village, NY

100% cash out with refinance in 2020 $100,000 + equity private money partner investment agreement was 10% 1 year received 20% interest with principle and interest returned 6 month early


single family white 98 north_edited.jpg

Apartment Units

6 Units

Colchester, CT

6 units walking distance to town. In 2021 completely redone:roof, siding, gutters, kitchen, electric and water heaters. Opportunity for rent upside and improved management without concern for large capital expenses.


6 Units_IMG_7029_edited.jpg

Apartment Units

8 Units 3 Garages, 

Colchester, CT

Increased cash flow $8000 annually focused on capital improvements improved management systems and updated units.100% occupied $100,000+ in increased equity. Returned investors interest 1 year early remaining in process with a plan of 2023 completed refinance.

8 Units_IMG_7206.jpg


Short Term Rentals

The Tree House

Lake Hayward, CT

Family friendly themed short term rental. Beach Club access. Sleeps 11, Renting $200+ night starting February 2022. Value added property with $100,000+ of equity increased from completed rehabilitation and upgrades.



Lake Hayward, CT
Opportunity for minimal renovations to prepare a family friendly themed short term rental. Property has lake views and beach club access. Sleeps 6, Renting $125+ night starting April 2022.

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